What is It ?

Stress Innoculation Training is a Training system developed by the world renowned psychologist Donald Miechenbaum. It is designed to nurture and develop the skills inherent in every person to cope with stress full situations. It combines a variety of Cognitive Behavioural techniques including Cognitive restructuring, Socratic discussion and Problem Solving, there are also elements of didactic teaching and relaxation training.

Why Inoculation ?

SIT can be viewed in a similar way to a medical inoculation in that it helps to develop the “psychological antibodies” or coping skills.  This is achieved in much the same way as during the medical inoculation process.  Through exposure to stressful stimuli (through reliving or re imagining the stressful situation) that are stressful enough to trigger a response yet not so stressful as to overwhelm.  By then examining the response the client can better learn what strategies work for them and develop a sense of “learned resourcefulness”. It also facilitates the learning of alternative skills in a pro-active manner to enable coping with even more stressful situations in future.

How Does it Work ?

1.      Conceptualisation

  • Understand stress
  • Identify effects of stress in behavioral, emotional, physical, and psychological areas
  • Ascertain the specific effects of stress on individual performance and productivity

2.      Skills Acquisition and Rehearsal

  • Develop & practice a variety of stress reduction skills
  • Skills include- learning how to relax, reducing stress through deep breathing and muscle relaxation & developing a toolbox of positive coping thoughts.
  • Practice skills in imagination and then in real life situations
  • Rehearse from less to more difficult stressful situations
  • Develop confidence to handle any situation!

3.      Application and Follow Through

Apply skills to specific stressful situations:

  • Plan, anticipate and prepare for potential and actual difficulties in personal training program
  • Coach yourself
  • Assess own progress
  • Follow – up plans